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Generally, homes that are more than 5 years old are usually good candidates for a roof cleaning due to the visible black streaks of mold.  This mold can bring about a host of ailments to those residing within the home, some of which are life-threatening.  So, when it comes to roof cleaning, pressure washing with plain water is not going to cut it.   Without a mildewcide, pressure washing is simply "atomizing" the mold and dispersing it all around the rest of your home only to have it end up on your walls, windows, screens and pool deck where it can start growing all over again.  Pressure washing with water only will only last about a year with streaks appearing before the second year.

Our method is different.  We apply a gentle mist of a bleach/mildewcide blend and use about 1/4 of the amount of chemicals that our competitors use.  On a 2500 square foot home, the run off is often less than 2 or 3 gallons.  Our chemical treatment does not contain any degreasing agents that will break down the tar and loosen the granules from your shingle roof.   Our solution only attacks the mold, mildew and algae growing on your roof.

As you can see below, there is very little run off, which reduces your chances of brown grass and plants dramatically.  Notice how little run off we have and how it barely runs down to the next row?  And I only stopped spraying two rows above the vent. 

TIP #1: The longer you put off your roof cleaning, the darker it will get.  The darker it is, then the stronger the chemical required, which INCREASES the chances of browning out or damaging your plants and grass.  

TIP #2: Make sure to turn on your sprinklers after any roof cleaning for 3 to 4 days because dew dripping from your roof can contain concentrated amounts of the cleaning solution which can damage your landscaping.  

These before and after pictures are great examples of how a simple cleaning can really brighten up a home.  If you look at the sky, it's actually darker after the home has been cleaned, (because it is later in the day) and the tree line is about the same color, but yet the home is somehow brighter all over.   Once cleaned, every surface reflects more light so now the entire home is somewhat "brighter". 

Here's another common sight in Florida.   This was a 13-year old shingle roof so absolutely no pressure can be used here.  In fact, even walking must be done with extreme care, so no foot dragging, sliding or twisting your feet  as these little motions can break loose and remove the very granules you need to protect your shingle roof.  When it comes to shingle roofs, it's all about the chemicals.   Our application process is as gentle as rain and results are instantaneous.  No granules are disturbed or moved.   


Here is a photo of a standard concrete flat tile roof being cleaned with our concentrated chemical solution using a low pressure spray that is as gentle as rain.   Note the dirty section in the background compared to the soft spray cleaned front section in the foreground.  *Ask your  cleaning contractor to take before and after pictures of your roof and see what he says.

NOTE:  Am I the only contract cleaner showing close ups of my work on the internet?  It must be due to the fact that a lot of things can look good from a distance, so that is where my competitors take their pictures - from across the street.


 Walking on your tile roof.

Now, here's a topic that could fill a whole chapter.  I've offered roof cleaning for over 15 years now and as far as I know, anyone that you hire to clean your roof MUST know how to walk on your roof.    Unless they use a crane or a bucket lift (which is impossible around most homes) or they have wings or an anti-gravity belt, they have no other choice when it comes to cleaning around gables, vent pipes, ridges, valleys and along second story walls.  Of course, the problem is that if you don't know how to walk on a tile roof, you can break a tile with just about every step you take.  When it comes to roof cleaning, experience is the key. 

So, if you are looking for someone that can clean your roof without actually stepping up there, just remember that trying to apply roof cleaning chemical from a distance means that roof chemical will splash everywhere and onto everything causing light colored streaks and splash marks on your second story walls and windows.  That's why we prefer a low pressure application process.  With little to no overspray we can clean roof sections right next to your walls without getting any chemical on your painted surfaces.  

NOTE: The state of Florida requires that any "repairs" to tiles or tile roofs must be done by a licensed roofing contractor.    

If you have any questions at all about our roof cleaning method, do not hesitate to call or contact us and we'll get back to you ASAP.   Also, keep in mind that our pressure washing services are second to none, so we can also clean up other areas of your home and offer you our "Package Pricing" discount when you clean two areas or more.  Thank you for visiting our site and we hope to hear from you soon!



Which picture do you think will sell this home faster?


But there is one drawback to our application process being so gentle and that is, if you have valleys or gutters that are packed with leaves that have now turned to mulch and support other forms of plant life, then these areas will have to be cleaned by hand prior to the chemical cleaning so that the roof cleaning chemical can penetrate and thoroughly clean all areas of your roof.

I am the owner of this business and I will be the only one walking on your roof.  I only weigh 150 pounds and wear a size 10 1/2 shoe, so my weight distribution (2.3 lbs per sq. in.) has enabled me to clean tile roofs without breaking a single tile since 2010.   And I do not come alone.   I also bring a groundman with me to cover (when necessary), rinse and protect your plants and grass.  He also rinses your walls and windows to keep them from streaking just in case the wind happens to blow anything that drips off your roof onto your walls and windows.  As long as your walls and windows are wet when we apply the chemical, you have absolutely no worries.  Since 2009, we are proud to say that we only had one plant death which we replaced promptly.  

*We do recommend that you turn on your sprinklers next to your home for the next three or four days to ensure that your plants or grass aren't "browned" out by salt water.  Yes, our chemical formulation begins breaking down the bleach into salt in less than 24 hours. The morning dew will mix with the salt on your roof and some of it will drip onto your grass and plants.  Even after our formulation breaks down it works to retard mold regrowth up to two years before any mold begins to growing again.  

The home you see below belongs to a Swedish business man that only gets to visit every few months.   No one would touch this home because it was out in the boonies and had a large three story pool cage.


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